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Samsung SPS 1000 Cash Register Programming & User Manuals

Samsung SPS 1000 Cash Register Programming & User Manuals

File Type
User's Manual
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Manual Contents
SAM4s SPS 1000 Operator's and Programming Manual 3
Introduction 7
Using This Manual 7
Using Flowcharts7
Basic Features and Functions 8
Keyboard 8
Control Lock 11
Display 12
Quick Setup 13
Installing the Paper 13
Clearing Memory16
Memory All Clear 16
Initial Clear 17
Basic Programming 18
Setting the Date 18
Setting the Time 18
Programming Tax19
Programming a Taxable Department21
Basic Operations22
Registering Items22
Totaling a Cash Sale23
Tendering a Cash Sale23
Tendering a Check Sale24
Totaling a Charge Sale 24
Advanced Operating Instructions 25
Clerk Operations25
Clerk Sign On25
Clerk Sign Off 25
Department Registrations 26
Open Department 26
Preset Price Department 26
Department Repeat Entry 27
Multiplication 27
Department Multiplication with Decimal Point 28
Split Pricing28
Single Item Department29
PLU (Price Look Up) Registrations 30
Open PLU30
Preset Price PLU 30
PLU Repeat Entry 30
PLU Multiplication31
4 SAM4s SPS 1000 Operator's and Programming Manual
PLU Multiplication with Decimal Point31
Split Pricing PLU 32
Shifting or Exempting Tax 33
Shifting Tax33
Exempting Tax 34
Percent Key (+% and -%) Operations35
Preset Percent on a Department or PLU Item35
Enter a Percent on a Department or PLU 35
Percent on Sale Total36
Return Merchandise Registrations36
Voids and Corrections 37
Void Last Item37
Void Previous Item37
Void Position Operations 38
- (Minus) Key Registrations 39
No Sale Operations 40
Open Drawer 40
Non Add Number 40
Received On Account Operations41
Paid Out Operations41
Totaling and Tendering42
Subtotaling a Sale 42
Totaling a Cash Sale42
Tendering a Cash Sale 43
Tendering a Check Sale43
Totaling a Charge Sale 44
Check Cashing44
Split Tender 45
Post Tender46
Currency Conversion47
Add Check48
Receipt On/Off and Receipt on Request49
Advanced Programming Instructions 51
Department Programming51
Programming Department Status51
Programming Department Entry Limit or Price 54
System Option Programming56
System Option Table 58
Advanced Tax Programming 61
Tax Rate Programming61
Tax Table Programming63
+% and -% Key Programming65
- (Minus) Key Programming67
CANCEL Key Programming69
Programming the CANCEL Key69
Currency Conversion 70
Programming Clerks 71
PLU (Price Look Up) Programming73
Programming PLU Status73
Programming PLU Entry Limit or Price 76
Setting a Register Number 78
Programming Descriptions 79
SAM4s SPS 1000 Operator's and Programming Manual 5
Customer Logo79
Department Descriptor 81
PLU Descriptor 82
Code Table 83
Program Overlay 84
Key Assignment Programming86
Setting Receipt/Journal Status 87
Calculator Programming87
PC Online Mode 88
Program Scan88
Reports 91
Report Summary91
Running a Report 92
Cash-In-Drawer Declaration93
Declaring Cash 93
Report Samples94
Financial Report 94
Hourly Sales Report 97
PLU Report 98
Clerk Report 99
Cash-in-Drawer Report 100
Check-in-Drawer Report 100
System Balancing 101
Department Sales Total 101
Net Total101
Gross Total 101
Grand Total 101

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