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Apple - iPhone- iPhone 4 Cell Phone User Manual
with iOS 4.2 & 4.6
manual screen shot

File Type
Cell Phone User Manual
Quick Start /Finger Tip Guide
& Saftey Information

iOS 4.6 & 4.2

260 Pages
1000+ Bonus PDF Files

9 Chapter 1: iPhone at a Glance
9 iPhone Overview
11 Buttons
14 iPhone Apps
17 Status Icons
19 Chapter 2: Getting Started
19 Viewing the User Guide on iPhone
19 What You Need
20 Installing the SIM Card
20 Activating iPhone
21 Setting Up iPhone
22 Disconnecting iPhone from Your Computer
22 Connecting to the Internet
25 Adding Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Accounts
28 Chapter 3: Basics
28 Using Apps
32 Customizing the Home Screen
36 Typing
43 Searching
44 Voice Control
46 Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic
47 Bluetooth Devices
48 Battery
50 Security Features
51 Cleaning iPhone
52 Restarting and Resetting iPhone
53 Chapter 4: Syncing and File Sharing
53 About Syncing
53 Syncing Accounts
54 Syncing with iTunes
55 iPhone Settings Panes in iTunes
258 Automatic iTunes Syncing
59 Manually Managing Content
59 Transferring Purchased Content to Another Computer
60 File Sharing
61 Chapter 5: Phone
61 Phone Calls
68 Visual Voicemail
70 Contacts
70 Favorites
71 Ringtones and the Ring/Silent Switch
72 International Calls
74 Chapter 6: Mail
74 Setting Up Email Accounts
75 Checking and Reading Email
77 Using Links and Detected Data
78 Viewing Attachments
79 Sending Email
81 Organizing Email
82 Searching Email
83 Chapter 7: Safari
83 Viewing Webpages
86 Searching
87 Web Clips
88 Chapter 8: iPod
88 Getting Music, Videos, and More
88 Music and Other Audio
97 Videos
100 Setting a Sleep Timer
101 Changing the Browse Buttons
102 Chapter 9: Messages
102 Sending and Receiving Messages
104 Searching Messages
104 Sharing Photos and Videos
105 Sending Voice Memos
105 Editing Conversations
105 Using Contact Information and Links
106 Managing Previews and Alerts
Contents 3
107 Chapter 10: Calendar
107 About Calendar
107 Syncing Calendars
108 Viewing Your Calendars
109 Searching Calendars
109 Adding and Updating Events on iPhone
110 Responding to Meeting Invitations
112 Subscribing to Calendars
112 Alerts
113 Chapter 11: Photos
113 About Photos
113 Syncing Photos and Videos with Your Computer
114 Viewing Photos and Videos
116 Deleting Photos and Videos
116 Slideshows
116 Sharing Photos and Videos
119 Assigning a Photo to a Contact
119 Wallpaper
120 Chapter 12: Camera
120 About Camera
121 Taking Photos and Recording Videos
122 Viewing and Sharing Photos and Videos
123 Trimming Videos
123 Uploading Photos and Videos to Your Computer
124 Chapter 13: YouTube
124 Finding and Viewing Videos
125 Controlling Video Playback
126 Managing Videos
127 Getting More Information
128 Using YouTube Account Features
129 Changing the Browse Buttons
129 Sending Videos to YouTube
130 Chapter 14: Stocks
130 Viewing Stock Quotes
131 Getting More Information
132 Chapter 15: Maps
133 Finding and Viewing Locations
137 Getting Directions
139 Showing Traffic Conditions
4 Contents
139 Finding and Contacting Businesses
140 Sharing Location Information
140 Bookmarking Locations
141 Chapter 16: Weather
141 Viewing Weather Summaries
142 Getting More Weather Information
143 Chapter 17: Notes
143 About Notes
143 Syncing Notes
144 Writing and Reading Notes
145 Searching Notes
145 Emailing Notes
146 Chapter 18: Clock
146 World Clocks
147 Alarms
147 Stopwatch
148 Timer
149 Chapter 19: Calculator
149 Using the Calculator
149 Standard Memory Functions
150 Scientific Calculator Keys
152 Chapter 20: Compass
152 Getting Compass Readings
153 Compass and Maps
155 Chapter 21: Voice Memos
155 Recording Voice Memos
156 Listening to Voice Memos
157 Managing Voice Memos
158 Trimming Voice Memos
158 Sharing Voice Memos
159 Syncing Voice Memos
160 Chapter 22: iTunes Store
160 About the iTunes Store
161 Finding Music, Videos, and More
162 Following Artists and Friends
163 Purchasing Ringtones
163 Purchasing Music or Audiobooks
Contents 5
164 Purchasing or Renting Videos
165 Streaming or Downloading Podcasts
166 Checking Download Status
166 Syncing Purchased Content
167 Changing the Browse Buttons
167 Viewing Account Information
168 Verifying Downloads
169 Chapter 23: App Store
169 About the App Store
170 Browsing and Searching
171 Info Screen
172 Downloading Apps
173 Deleting Apps
173 Writing Reviews
174 Updating Apps
174 Syncing Purchased Apps
175 Chapter 24: Game Center
175 About Game Center
175 Setting Up Game Center
177 Games
181 Friends
183 Your Status and Account Information
184 Chapter 25: Settings
184 Airplane Mode
186 Wi-Fi
187 VPN
187 Notifications
187 Carrier
188 Sounds and the Ring/Silent Switch
188 Brightness
188 Wallpaper
189 General
198 Mail, Contacts, Calendars
202 Phone
204 Safari
206 Messages
206 iPod
208 Photos
208 Store
208 Nike + iPod
6 Contents
209 Chapter 26: Contacts
209 About Contacts
209 Adding Contacts
210 Searching Contacts
211 Managing Contacts on iPhone
212 Using Contact Information
213 Unified Contacts
215 Chapter 27: Nike + iPod
215 Activating Nike + iPod
216 Linking a Sensor
216 Working Out with Nike + iPod
217 Sending Workouts to
217 Calibrating Nike + iPod
218 Nike + iPod Settings
219 Chapter 28: iBooks
219 About iBooks
220 Syncing Books and PDFs
220 Using the iBookstore
221 Reading Books
222 Viewing a PDF
222 Changing a Book’s Appearance
223 Searching Books
223 Looking up the Definition of a Word
223 Having a Book Read to You
223 Organizing Your Bookshelf
224 Bookmark and Note Syncing
225 Chapter 29: Accessibility
225 Universal Access Features
226 VoiceOver
238 Zoom
239 Large Text
239 White on Black
239 Mono Audio
239 Speak Auto-text
240 Triple-click Home
240 Closed Captioning and Other Helpful Features
242 Appendix A:  Support and Other Information
242 Apple iPhone Support Site
242 Restarting and Resetting iPhone
Contents 7
242 Backing Up iPhone
244 Updating and Restoring iPhone Software
246 Safety, Software, and Service Information
247 Using iPhone in an Enterprise Environment
247 Using iPhone with Other Carriers
247 Disposal and Recycling Information
248 Apple and the Environment
248 iPhone Operating Temperature
249 Index
8 Contents

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