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Camera Manuals - Nikon - Nikon D5000 Camera User Manual

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File Type
Camera User Manual
257 Pages
& 1000+ Bonus PDF Files

Table of Contents
Q&A Index iv
For Your Safety xiv
Notices xvi
Introduction 1
Overview 2
Getting to Know the Camera 3
The Camera Body 3
The Mode Dial6
The Control Panel7
The Viewfinder9
The Shooting Information Display 10
The Command Dials 13
Attaching the AN-DC1 Camera Strap 17
The BM-10 Monitor Cover 17
The DK-21 Viewfinder Eyepiece Cup 17
Camera Menus18
Using Camera Menus 19
Help 21
First Steps 22
Charge the Battery 22
Insert the Battery 23
Attach a Lens 25
Basic Setup 27
Inserting Memory Cards 29
Adjust Viewfinder Focus 32
Basic Photography and Playback 33
“Point-and-Shoot” Photography (i and j Modes)34
Step 1: Turn the Camera On 34
Step 2: Choose Shooting and Focus Modes 36
Step 3: Check Camera Settings 36
Step 4: Frame the Photograph 37
Step 5: Focus 38
Step 6: Shoot 39
Creative Photography (Scene Modes) 41
k Portrait 41
l Landscape 41
n Close Up 42
Table of Contents
oNight Portrait 42
Framing Pictures in the Monitor (Live View)43
Basic Playback48
Deleting Unwanted Photographs49
Recording and Viewing Movies (Live View) 50
More on Photography (All Modes) 53
Focus 54
Autofocus 54
Focus Point Selection56
Focus Lock57
Manual Focus 59
Image Quality and Size 61
Image Quality62
Image Size63
Release Mode64
Continuous Mode65
Self-Timer Mode ($) 66
Using an Optional Remote Control (#) 68
Using the Built-in Flash70
Flash Mode71
ISO Sensitivity74
Two-Button Reset 75
P, S, A, and M Modes 77
Shutter Speed and Aperture78
Mode P (Programmed Auto) 80
Mode S (Shutter-Priority Auto) 81
Mode A (Aperture-Priority Auto)82
Mode M (Manual)83
Exposure 87
Autoexposure Lock (P, S, and A Modes Only)88
Exposure Compensation90
Flash Compensation91
Exposure and Flash Bracketing92
White Balance 95
Fine-Tuning White Balance 97
Choosing a Color Temperature99
Preset Manual 100
Picture Controls 108
Selecting Nikon Picture Controls109
Modifying Existing Picture Controls 110
Creating Custom Picture Controls113
Sharing Custom Picture Controls 115
Managing Custom Picture Controls 117
Active D-Lighting 119
Multiple Exposure 121
The GP-1 GPS Unit 124
More on Playback 127
Full-Frame Playback 128
Photo Information129
Thumbnail Playback 135
Calendar Playback 136
Taking a Closer Look: Playback Zoom 138
Protecting Photographs from Deletion 139
Deleting Individual Photographs 140
Pictmotion 141
Slide Shows 143
Connections 145
Viewing Photographs on TV 146
Standard Definition Devices146
High-Definition Devices147
Connecting to a Computer 148
Before Connecting the Camera148

Connecting the Camera149
Printing Photographs 150
Menu Guide 159
DThe Playback Menu: Managing Images 1000
Selecting Multiple Pictures 1000
Playback Folder162
Hide Image 162
Display Mode163
Image Review163
Rotate Tall163
Slide Show 164
Print Set (DPOF) 164
CThe Shooting Menu: Shooting Options 165
Set Picture Control 165
Manage Picture Control 165
Image Quality 165
Image Size 165
White Balance 165
ISO Sensitivity Settings 166
Active D-Lighting 166
Color Space 167
Long Exp NR (Long Exposure Noise Reduction) 167
High ISO NR 168
Active Folder 169
Multiple Exposure 170
Movie setting 170
ACustom Settings: Fine-Tuning Camera Settings 171
A: Reset Custom Settings 172
a: Autofocus 173
a1: AF-area Mode 173
a2: Center Focus Point 174
a3: Built-in AF-assist Illuminator 174
a4: AF Point Illumination 175
a5: Focus Point Wrap-Around 175
a6: AE-L/AF-L for MB-D80 176
a7: Live View Autofocus 176
b: Metering/Exposure 177
b1: EV Steps for Exposure Cntrl 177
b2: Easy Exposure Compensation 177
b3: Center-Weighted Area 178
b4: Fine Tune Optimal Exposure 178
c: Timers/AE Lock 179
c1: Shutter-Release Button AE-L 179
c2: Auto Meter-off Delay 179
c3: Self-Timer 179
c4: Monitor off Delay 180
c5: Remote on Duration 180
d: Shooting/Display 180
d1: Beep 180
d2: Viewfinder Grid Display 181
d3: ISO Display and Adjustment 181
d4: Viewfinder Warning Display 181
d5: Screen Tips 182
d6: CL Mode Shooting Speed 182
d7: File Number Sequence 182
d8: Shooting Info Display 183
d9: LCD Illumination 183
d10: Exposure Delay Mode183
d11: Flash Warning183
d12: MB-D80 Battery Type184
e: Bracketing/Flash185
e1: Flash Shutter Speed 185
e2: Flash Cntrl for Built-in Flash 185
e3: Modeling Flash191
e4: Auto Bracketing Set 191
e5: Auto FP 195
e6: Bracketing Order 195
f: Controls 196
f1: D Switch196
f2: OK Button (Shooting Mode)196
f3: Assign FUNC Button197
f4: Assign AE-L/AF-L Button 200
f5: Customize Command Dials 201
f6: No Memory Card? 201
f7: Reverse Indicators201
B The Setup Menu: Camera Setup 202
Format Memory Card 202
LCD Brightness202
Clean Image Sensor203
Lock Mirror up for Cleaning 203
Video Mode203
World Time204
Language 204
Image Comment 205
Auto Image Rotation 205
Image Dust off Ref Photo206
Battery Info208
Eye-Fi Upload 208
Firmware Version208
NThe Retouch Menu: Creating Retouched Copies 209
Creating Retouched Copies210
Red-Eye Correction212
Filter Effects215
Color Balance216
Small Picture 216
Image Overlay 218
NEF (RAW) Processing220
Quick Retouch221
Straighten 221
Distortion Control 222
Fisheye 222
Side-by-Side Comparison 223
m Recent Settings/O My Menu 224
m Recent Settings: Viewing Recent Settings 224
O My Menu: Creating a Custom Menu 225
Technical Notes 227
Compatible Lenses 228
Compatible CPU Lenses 229
Non-CPU Lenses 230
Optional Flash Units (Speedlights) 233
The Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS) 233
Flash Contacts 238
Other Accessories 239
Caring for the Camera 243
Storage 243
Cleaning 243
The Low-Pass Filter 244
Caring for the Camera and Battery: Cautions 248
Troubleshooting 250
Display 250
Shooting (All Modes) 251
Shooting (i, j, k, l, m, n, and o modes) 252
Shooting (P, S, A, M) 252
Playback 253
Miscellaneous 254
Error Messages 255
Appendix 258
Available Settings and Defaults 258
Memory Card Capacity 262
Exposure Program 263
Bracketing Programs 264
Flash Control 265
Shutter Speeds Available with the Built-in Flash 265
Aperture, Sensitivity, and Flash Range 266
Specifications 267
Index 276

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