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Cash Register Manuals - Royal - Royal ts4240 Owners Manual

Royal ts4240 Cash Register Programming & User Manuals

File Type
Owners Manual

Table of Contents
1 Welcome
Before Starting 1
Using the Programming Menu 1
Using Buttons 2
What’s in the Box? 2
Important Phone Numbers 2
2 Getting Started
Getting Started 3
Setting the Language 5
Installing the Paper Roll 5
Setting the Date And Time 6
Programming the Sales Tax 7
PC-Based Software 8
3 Getting To Know the Cash Register
Turning the Register Off and On10
Using the Mode Key Area11
About the Displays11
Lifting and Lowering the Customer Display12
Adjusting the Touch Screen 12
Using the Touch Screen 13
ii TS4240 User’s Guide
Using Power Saving Mode 17
Using the Cash Drawer 18
4 Setting Up Your Cash Register - the Basics
Setting Working Mode21
Setting Alphanumeric Descriptions23
Using Double Wide Characters24
Setting Header Messages and Footer Messages25
Printing Picture Logos on Receipts 27
Printing Options on Receipts 28
Setting Clerk Numbers and Names28
Using the Clerk System30
Setting X and Manager Passcodes 30
Setting the Machine Number32
Programming Department Keys32
Programming Department Names and Numbers 34
Setting High Digit Lock-out (HDLO) 34
Programming Department Preset Price35
Programming Tax Status35
Setting the Group35
Setting Standard, Gallonage or Negative Mode35
Setting Department Type36
Setting Age Limits 36
Setting the KP37
Programming the Credit Key37
Programming PLU Descriptions38
Programming PLUs without a Barcode Reader 39
Programming PLUs with the Optional Barcode Reader 40
Mapping PLUs to Direct PLU Keys 40
Editing a PLU 41
Deleting a PLU 42
Printing the Program Confirmation Report 42
Before Going to Register Mode 43
Running the Options Dump Report43
Clearing Errors43
TS4240 User’s Guide iii
5 Setting Up Your Cash Register for Restaurant Mode
Setting Restaurant Mode44
Setting Cooking Messages45
Happy Hour Settings46
Restaurant Reports 46
6 Navigating Your Cash Register Parameters
401 Department Settings 48
402 PLU Settings48
403 Clerk Settings 48
404 Tax Settings48
405 Text Message48
406 Options 49
Printing Parameters Settings 49
System Options Settings53
System Configuration Settings55
Return to Machine to Default Settings 56
Options Dump Report 57
407 Others57
411 Direct PLU Setting57
412 Coupon Setting57
413 Discount Setting57
414 HALO Setting58
415 Cash in Drawer Limit58
416 FC Setup 58
417 Age Limit Setting 59
418 [Credit] Name 59
419 Cooking Message Set 59
420 Happy Hour Setting 59
421 Picture Logo Choice59
422 Counter /No Setting60
423 PC Communication 60
424 ISP Upgrade 60
425 Version Information 60
426 System Information60Contents
iv TS4240 User’s Guide
427 RAM Logo Download60
7 Ringing up Sales and Using Training Mode
Ringing up Sales62
Ringing up Sales without a PLU Number62
Ringing up Sales with a PLU Number63
Ringing up Sales with a Direct PLU Key63
Ringing up Sales with the Optional Royal Barcode Reader64
Printing Receipts64
Receipt on Demand65
Using Tables 65
Opening and Closing Tables65
Transferring Tables66
Viewing Active Tables 66
Using Cooking Messages67
Printing the Bill 67
Closing Out or Ending Tables68
Using Training Mode68
Setting the Training Passcode 69
Entering and Exiting Training Mode70
8 Programming Complex Tax Rates
About Tax Systems71
USA Tax - Choosing Straight Add-On Rate or Table Tax71
Tax Limits72

Selecting the Tax System72
Programming Straight Add-on Tax in the United States 73
Programming Table Tax in the United States 74
Calculating Your Tax75
Example Tax Worksheet 77
The Worksheet78
Using Canadian Tax Rates 79
Using VAT Tax Rates 80
Printing a Confirmation Report 80
TS4240 User’s Guide v
9 Running Reports
Running the Department Confirmation Report82
Running the PLU Confirmation Report 82
Running the Clerk Confirmation Report 82
Running Management Reports 83
About X Reports83
About Z Reports85
Running Reports87
Financial Report Example87
More Information about the Electronic Journal (EJ) Reports 88
10 Maintenance and Options
Cleaning the Touch Screen92
Installing a Replacement Paper Roll 92
About the Serial Port93
Connecting the Cash Register to a PC 94
About the Battery95
11 Troubleshooting
Paper End or Other Printer Errors 96
No Receipt Printing97
No Printing on the Receipt 97
The Cash Register Screen goes Dark 97
Electronic Journal Memory Errors 97
The Cash Register Does Not Work at All 98
Opening the Cash Drawer When There is no Power 98
Performing a Partial Reset99
Performing a Master Reset99
If Nothing Helps99
Error Messages 100
12 Examples
Transaction Codes 104
Sample Receipt 105
Adding Tax to a Non-Taxable Department 106
Active Table Pickup 106
vi TS4240 User’s Guide
Bill Print 106
Cash Sale With Tendering Change106
Cash Sale Without Tendering Change107
Charge Sale 107
Credit/Charge Refund107
Check Sale 108
Cooking Messages 108
Using Preset Messages 108
Using Manual Messages109
Coupon Discount Sale 109
Credit Sale 109
Dept Shift Button and Departments above 40 110
Direct (Hard) PLUs 110
Exempting Tax On An Item 110
Exempting Tax on the Entire Sale111
Foreign Currency Sale111
Gallonage Sales Transaction112
Misc Sale112
Multiplication of a Department Unit Price 112
Multiplication of a Direct (Hard) PLU113
Multiplication Sale and Overriding a Preset Department Price113
Multiplying By A Fraction 113
No-Sale Function (Opening the Cash Drawer)114
Opening and Closing Tables 114
Paid-Out Sale114
Percentage Discount Sale114
PLU Sale115
Received-On-Account Sale115
Registering a Department Unit Price116
Registering a Reference Number/Message116
Return Sale 116
Refunding Cash 117
Split Tendering Sale117
Transferring Tables118
TS4240 User’s Guide vii
Using the Error-Correct /Void Button 118
Voiding Cooking Messages 119
Voiding a Coupon Sale 119
Voiding a Department Preset Price 120
Voiding a Department Preset with a Coupon Discount 120
Voiding a Department Preset with a Percentage Discount 121
Voiding a Percentage Sale 121
Voiding a Multiplication of a Department Preset Price 122
Voiding a Department Multiplication Sale 122
Voiding a PLU Sale 123
Voiding a PLU Multiplication Sale 123
Voiding a PLU Sale with a Coupon Discount 123
Voiding a PLU Sale with a Percentage Discount 124
Voiding an Entire Sale before Finishing the Sale 124
Voiding a Sale 125
Product Information
Specifications and Safety 126
Safety and Legal Notices 127
Software Licensing Agreement 129
Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty 130
Ordering Supplies and Accessories 132
Index 133

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