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Camera Manuals - Samsung - Samsung S1000 Camera User Manual

manual screen shot

File Type
User Manual
82 pages
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򀆃System chart 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍4
򀆃Identification of features 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍5
򀆈Front & Top򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍5
򀆈Back & Bottom 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍6
򀆈Bottom / 5-function button򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍7
򀆈Self-timer lamp 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍8
򀆈Camera Status Lamp 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍8
򀆈Mode icon 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍8
򀆃Connecting to a Power Source 򀅍򀅍8
򀆈Using the batteries򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍8
򀆃Inserting the memory card 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍9
򀆃Instructions on how to use the memory card򀅍10
򀆃When Using the Camera for the First Time򀅍12
򀆃LCD monitor indicator 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍13
򀆃Starting the recording mode 򀅍򀅍14
򀆈How to use the AUTO mode 򀅍򀅍14
򀆈How to use the PROGRAM mode 򀅍14
򀆈How to use the MANUAL mode 򀅍14
򀆈How to use the MOVIE CLIP mode򀅍15
򀆈Recording the movie clip without voice򀅍15
򀆈Pausing while recording a movie clip򀅍15
򀆈Night / Portrait / Children mode 򀅍16
򀆈How to use the SCENE mode 򀅍16
򀆈How to use the VOICE
RECORDING mode 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍17
򀆃Things to Watch Out for When
Taking Pictures 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍17
򀆃Using the camera buttons to set
the camera 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍18
򀆈POWER button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍18
򀆈Shutter button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍18
򀆈ZOOM W / T button򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍18
򀆈Voice recording / Voice memo /
UP button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍20
򀆈Macro / Down button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍20
򀆈Focus lock 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍21
򀆈Flash / Left button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍22
򀆈Self-timer / Right button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍23
򀆈MENU / OK button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍24
򀆈E (Effect) button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍25
򀆈Special Effect : Colour򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍25
򀆈Special Effect : Preset focus frames򀅍26
򀆈Special Effect : Composite shooting򀅍27
򀆈Special Effect : Photo Frame 򀅍򀅍28
򀆈Movie Clip frame stabiliser 򀅍򀅍򀅍29
򀆈+ / - button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍29
򀆃Using the LCD monitor to set the
camera settings򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍32
򀆈How to use the menu 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍32
򀆈Size 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍33
򀆈Quality / Frame rate򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍33
򀆈Metering 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍34
򀆈Continuous shot 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍34
򀆈Sharpness 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍35
򀆈OSD (On Screen Display)
information 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍35
򀆃Starting play mode 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍36
򀆈Playing back a still image 򀅍򀅍򀅍36
򀆈Playing back a movie clip 򀅍򀅍򀅍36
򀆈How to capture the movie clip 򀅍37
򀆈Playing back a recorded voice 򀅍38
򀆃LCD monitor Indicator 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍38
򀆃Using the camera buttons to set
the camera 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍39
򀆈Thumbnail / Enlargement button 򀅍39
򀆈Voice memo / Up button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍40
򀆈Play & Pause / Down button 򀅍򀅍41
򀆈E (Effect) button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍41
򀆈Delete button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍42
򀆈Printer button 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍42
򀆈Left / Right / Menu / OK button 򀅍43
򀆃Setting up the play back function
using the LCD monitor 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍43
򀆈Starting the slide show 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍45
򀆈Protecting images 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍46
򀆈Deleting images 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍47
򀆈Resize 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍47
򀆈Rotating an image 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍48
򀆈DPOF 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍48
򀆈DPOF : Standard򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍49
򀆈DPOF : Index 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍49
򀆈DPOF : Print size򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍50
򀆈Copy To Card 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍50
򀆈On Screen Display information 򀅍51
򀆈PictBridge 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍51
򀆈PictBridge : Picture Selection 򀅍򀅍52
򀆈PictBridge : Print Setting 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍52
򀆈PictBridge : Printing 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍53
򀆈PictBridge : DPOF Printing 򀅍򀅍򀅍54
򀆈PictBridge : Reset 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍54
򀆃Setup menu 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍54
򀆈File name 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍55
򀆈Auto power off 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍56
򀆈Language 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍56
򀆈Formatting a memory 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍57
򀆈Setting up the Date / Time / Date type 򀅍57
򀆈Imprinting the recording date 򀅍򀅍57
򀆈Sound 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍58
򀆈Connecting an External Device (USB)򀅍58
򀆈Auto Focus lamp 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍58
򀆈LCD brightness 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍58
򀆈Selecting Video out type 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍59
򀆈Quick view 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍59
򀆈Initialisation 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍60
򀆈Selecting a battery type 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍60
򀆃Setting up the Mycam menu 򀅍򀅍60
򀆈Start up image 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍60
򀆈Start up sound 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍61
򀆈Shutter sound 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍61
򀆃Important notes򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍61
򀆃Warning indicator 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍63
򀆃Before contacting a service centre򀅍63
򀆃Specifications 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍65
򀆃Software Notes 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍67
򀆃System Requirements 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍67
򀆃About the software 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍67
򀆃Setting up the application software򀅍68
򀆃Starting PC mode 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍70
򀆃Removing the removable disk򀅍򀅍72
򀆃Setting up the USB Driver for MAC򀅍72
򀆃Using the USB Driver for MAC 򀅍72
򀆃Removing the USB Driver for
Windows 98SE 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍73
򀆃Digimax Master򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍73
򀆃FAQ 򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍򀅍76

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