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Casio TK-1300 Cash Register Programming & User Manuals

Easy Programming Guide & Programming Manual
The Guide has easy to understand step-by-step
directions for programming:
Tax Rates
Assign Tax to Departments
Set Time
Set Date
Casio TK-1300 Cash Register Programming & User Manuals
133 + 1
File Size
4.4 Megs
File Type
Easy Guide &
Programming Manual
Manual Contents

Manual Contents
Machine Initialization
1-1 Full Initialization
1-2 Clearing a Machine Lock-Up

Memory Allocation
2-1 Memory Allocation
2-2 Memory Capacity and Optional RAM Chips
Optional RAM Chips
2-3 Memory Allocation Procedure
File Code

Program Reading
3-1 Individual File Read
To read an entire file
To Read a part of a file
Short PLU File
Long PLU File
Clerk Fixed File
3-2 Individual Mode Read

Programming the Keyboard
4-1 About the Keyboard
4-2 Assagning Numeric Functions
4-3 Assigning Key Functions
4-4 Key Features
4-5 Function Key Descriptors
4-6 Function Key Prices and Rates
4-7 Exchange Rates for Currency Exchange Keys
4-8 Gas Department Discount Key

Machine Features
5-1 Setting Time and Date
5-2 General Machine Features
5-3 X1 Mode and X2/Z2 Mode Secret Codes
5-4 PROGRAM 1 and 2 Mode Secret Code and Store/Machine #
5-5 Tax Programming
United States and Canada Tax Programming Procedures
Type of Tax Calculation
Taxable Status
Tax Calculation Type
Tax Table Program Data
Canadian Tax-on-Tax Starting Point
Tax Table Programming With and Without a Tax Rate
Add-On Tax Rate and Add-in Tax Rate Programming
Canadian Tax-onTax Programming
United States and Canada Tax Programming Examples
Tax Table without a tax rate
Tax table with a tax rate
Add-on rate tax
Canadian tax-on-tax with starting point
Canadian Tax-on-tax wihtout starting point
VAT Programming
Taxable status
Tax calculation type
Special Rounding 1-3
VAT Programming Examples
Add-On Rate Tax
Add-in rate tax
Special Rounding
5-6 Drawer Open Alarm
5-7 Starting Time for hourly sales report
5-8 Report groups for batch read/reset reports
5-9 message and descriptors
5-10 Tex recall

Department Key Programming
6-1 Department key features
Single item sale
Low digit limit
Maximum amount limit
Ticket receipts
 Batch Feature Programming
 Individual feature Programming
6-2 Department Key Descriptors
6-3 Department Unit Prices
6-4 Gas department Unit prices

PLU Programming
7-1 PLU Features
Single item sale
Low digit limit
Links to departments and groups
Random PLU Codes
PLU Links to long PLUs
Maximum amount limit
Ticket receipts
Batch feature Programming
Individual feature programming

7-2 PLU Descriptors
7-3 Unit Prices
7-4 Set Menus
Assigning PLUs to set menu tables
Assigning Set Menu Tables to Long PLUs

Arrangment key table
8-1 Arrangement key programming
Programming example
Programming sequence
Arrangement key registration sequence

Clerk Features
9-1 Drawer # and Clerk Secret Numbers
9-2 Clerk Control Functions
 Diference between clerk and cashier
9-3 Clerk Descriptors

Character Programming
10-1 TK-1300
10-2 CE-4200/CE-4250
Optional KB-1 Keyboard
To connect to the KB-1
Before using the KB-1 for programming
To edit a descriptor with the KB-1
Character Code Programming
Character Code Table

Program Data Save & Load
11-1 DF-2
Connecting the DF-2 to the register
Formatting a new disk
11-2 Saving Program Data
11-3 Loading Program Data
11-4 Data Range Load/Save
11-5 Program Data Error Codes

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